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Indianapolis New Construction Home Purchase.
Buying New Homes In Indianapolis.

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Buying Homes, Real Estate, in Metro Indianapolis,
Your Number One choice in Indianapolis New Construction Real Estate. Buying New Houses in central Indiana, Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Let me take the hassle out of locating your new Dream Home, and making sure you get the best in your New Construction Home.
Serving the Metro Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

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Buying New Construction Real Estate in Central Indiana.
Why Having a Real Estate Agent only makes good sense.

The Primary reason for using a realty agent in the purchase of your brand new home is simply because it cost you absolutely nothing. A realtors compensation is a marketing fee that builders expect. It has no bearing on the final price of the home.

Builders expect an agents participation in the selling of their homes. It makes for a much smoother and less confusing home buying experience for both parties involved.

Home Buying is a realty agents business. We are practiced at the process. For that reason we can ensure that you are getting what you are entitled to in a newly constructed home; both in quality, and in value. I know what you should receive from the process and am aware of what "extras" to ask for if they are available.

As YOUR realty agent I am devoted to seeing that you are represented in the process of buying your New Construction Property. I use my experience, knowledge, and reputation on your behalf and for your ultimate benefit.

There are many areas in which my knowledge, experience, and reputation can be of a great benefit to you, the home buyer. Familiarity with many area builders. Good advertising will not guarantee that a builder is right for you, and those Model Homes are built to be appealing. Three very important questions I can answer for you; 

  • What is the Builder's reputation?

  • Does the builder allow customized changes?

  • What are acceptable costs for those changes?

Area Builders

With Your New Construction, I will be there throughout the entire building process. I will monitor the progress of your new home, both with you, and for you - You are not alone. This saves you valuable time as I buffer some of the stresses involved in your purchase.

Other Topics involved in which I can offer much assistance;

Appreciation & Profit for Resale:
I will advise you to help give your investment the best opportunity for appreciation at resale. I will advise on questions concerning site location, builder, design and decor as they are important factors when one looks to resell. 

Contracts and Paperwork:
There are standard contracts with every Builder and many addendums to them which are written by a legal team employed to represent the Builders interests. I have knowledge of the details and conditions that should be discussed in these contracts. I can guide you in the discussion of what things should be added, deleted, or modified to serve your best interests.

Builder Incentive Packages:
Do discounts, incentives, and special financing of a particular Builder work for you? I can advise you  on what other Builders are offering as well as suggest alternatives to these packages.

Obligations of the Builder, Inspections, and Warranties:
I am familiar with what the Builder should, could and must do. I'll be right there with you through the entire building and financing process. I will guide you through the inspections, and closing procedures to ensure that you are fully represented.

And the best part about this is that through it all, as a buyer of a newly constructed home, my services do not cost you anything. Having me there to assist you step by step will NOT affect the price of your new home.

If you have any further questions concerning this New Home Buying process, or any other home buying process, please use the contact link in the menu below.

Serving the Indianapolis Metro Area and Surrounding Cities.

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